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Spotlights and driving lamps are the same thing and we supply alternatives of these. It is better to mount the spotlight bracket on the flat surface of the front panel but you can mount them on any flat surface if you like. The bumper is not a good choice because it is springy. Drilling holes in your bumper will cause corosion and you do not want your spotlights to vibrate causing movement of the lights which can be extremely irritating. The ultimate way to mount your spotlights is to use a badge bar. These look very cool and are a good way of mounting your driving lamps and badges.

There is more than one way to rig up spotlights on your classic Mini. You can combine them with fog lights using a pair of each making a row of 4 lamps. This is how Rover Cars fitted them in the last era of the Mini Range. You can have a row of 4 spotlights. You can have just 2 spotlights or if you want just 2 fog lamps. You can have any combination you like. Whichever combination of lamps you choose they will have to be wired into the electrical system correctly and safely.

You have a choice of how you wire up your spotlights and fog lamps. Please note that we sell spotlights and fog lamps that are universal. These will need to be custom wired because they are not made with a plug on the end of a wire that simply plugs into a socket on the Mini electrical system. All makes of cars have different types of plugs and sockets.

You can also connect your spotlights to the main beam of your headlights. If you do this you must remember to fit a relay otherwise you will blow the system.

For wiring your spotlights or driving lamps we can supply a wiring kit and accessories. Some wiring kits come with all the accessories you need but we also supply accessories such as switches and relays individually in case you do not require everything. When custom wiring universal spotlights It is a good idea to fit bullet terminals to a short piece of cable connected to your spotlight leading to just behind the radiator grill. This will connect to a socket connector fitted to the wiring loom so that you can disconnect them if you need to. It is important to place the bullet terminal on the short cable from the spotlight and the socket connector on the cable to the relay rather than the other way round so that when you come to disconnect them there is no danger of the cable shorting to earth on the Miniís bodywork.

It is advisable to fuse the system by using fuse holders and the correctly rated fuse. Once you have installed your wiring it is a good idea to protect it with spiral wrap

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